I am currently at Zoox Inc working in the Calibration, Localization and Mapping team.

Previously I have completed my PhD in Computer Science at University of Maryland, College Park. I was a member of the Computer Vision Lab working with Yiannis Aloimonos and Cornelia Fermüller.

I got my undegraduate degree from the Electrical Engineering Department at Imperial College London, working with Yiannis Demiris.

My research interests lie at the intersection of the fields of Computer Vision and Robotics. In particular I am interested in the problems of object segmentation, recognition, tracking and manipulation by an active robot. In the past I have worked on the problem of shadow free segmentation in still images.

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Contact: aleksandrs ecins AT gmail dot com

News and Announcements

June 2018: Check-out Cilnatro, a minimal and efficient C++ library for pointcloud mainpulation and visualization. Developed by Konstantinos Zampogiannis at UMD.
Nov 2017: We have participated in the Detecting Symmetry in the Wild challenge held as part of ICCV 2017. Our entry has recieved first place in all 3D symmetry detection categories! Check out the results and the paper detailing our approach [PDF].
Oct 2017: I have joined Zoox Inc as a research engineer in the CLAMS team (Calibration Localization and Mapping Simultaneoulsy).
Jul 2017: I have succesfully defended my thesis! It is available for download here: Seeing Behing The Scene: Using Symmetry To Reason About Objects In Cluttered Environments.





During my highschool and undergrad years I was interested in movie making and even made a short movies with my friends. Here are some:
  • Legend of Namaris: The Magical Plate (2005)
  • The Ma-EEE-trix (2009)
  • Dumbdawg Meeelinoaire (2010)